Diabetes Support

General Resources on Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition defined by high blood glucose, or blood sugar, in the body. Here are trusted resources on the web that can help you learn more about diabetes.

Healthy Eating

A diagnosis of Diabetes can be overwhelming. Trying to make good food choices to help keep control of your numbers can be very confusing as well. Here are a few resources to start you on your course.

Being Active

There are numerous benefits in Diabetes to exercise and being active. The benefits are not on seen in blood sugar results, on the scale, and in blood pressure results, but also in mental wellness and risk of other diseases, not to mention helping to minimize the need for other medications.

  • Silver Sneakers Fitness program for older adults is an insurance benefit of more than 65 Medicare health plans permitting access to gyms, usually at no cost. Check eligibility by going to www.silversneakers.com or call 1-888-423-4632.
  • Planet Fitness. Go to www.planetfitness.com and enter a zip code for information and to see locations near you
  • Step Out, Walk to Stop Diabetes, annual ADA event, 5k run/walk. Call 1-888-DIABETES (ext. 834)
  • YMCA
  • Anytime Fitness, open 24 hours. For information call 555-5555 or go to www.anytimefitness.com
  • Curves, fitness centers for women. Call 1-877-673-3144 or go to www.curves.com

Monitoring/Taking Medication 

Monitoring various factors are important measures of short and long term outcomes for diabetes control and prevention of diabetes complications. A personal glucometer is a great device for monitoring blood sugar control on a day to day basis, and often is the first clue that one’s Diabetes is getting out of control. If you blood sugars are trending out of range, call and/or schedule an appoint with your provider to help maximize your diabetes control and prevent complications.

Keeping up to date with regularly scheduled office visits and A1C checks is very important. Quarterly checks is best to keep you up to date on your numbers.

The importance of compliance with medication cannot be stressed enough. If you are having trouble tolerating your medication or cannot afford your medication, please reach out to your provider. If you cannot afford your medication, always check the manufacturer website for coupons (typically “drugname.com” search coupon).

  • www.accu-chek.com
  • Glucose Buddy, www.glucosebuddy.com . Track your blood glucose and share your results with your healthcare provider. The online site also has a Forum with chat rooms for Type 1, Type 2, GDM, parents, and more.

Problem Solving/Healthy Coping

The reality is we all are stressed and overtaxed in today’s world. Adding a new health problem, especially one as overwhelming as diabetes is serious and stressful. Stress is a yet another factor in life that can negatively effect blood sugar control. There is an increased rate of depression in people with diabetes and depression is associated with poor control and increased risk of complications. If you recognize signs or symptoms in yourself, please reach out. Here are a variety of online communities and Mental Health Resources people have found helpful.

  • DOC (Diabetes Online Community): Social Media and Chat Rooms American Diabetes Association, online community support groups for Type 1, Type 2, newly diagnosed, and parents. Go to www.diabetes.org and click on the online community tab you’re interested in at the top.
  • Adult Diabetes Community. Informal peer group to share information, ask questions, and occasionally meet for social activities. Not affiliated with any company or organization. Their website has a calendar of events that may interest the Adult Type 1 community. Go to www.thediabeticscornerbooth.com and click the tab for Adult D-Community.
  • DiaTribe. Diabetes insights and action tips for people with diabetes. Connect through Facebook or twitter or go to www.diatribe.com .